Work Placements

What we offer

FST is committed to supporting people with mental health problems or other disadvantages, including drug and alcohol recovery problems or a history of offending, access work. We do this by providing people with an opportunity to learn ‘on the job’ in our own social enterprises. We also work with employers to provide effective pathways into work.

The decision to take up a work placement with FST is one of personal choice. Some people join because they want to find paid employment and see a placement with us as a means of achieving this. Others simply want to get structure back into their lives, develop their skills, contribute to their local community and through this, support and maintain their recovery and mental wellbeing. FST provides an opportunity for people to achieve their individual goals.

“I haven’t worked before but being part of FST is giving me experience of different roles like finance and admin.” Workforce member

What’s it like?

We offer up to 12 months of work experience. This gives people time to develop their confidence and stamina and build up the skills and experience they need. We provide a friendly and supportive workplace where people work alongside staff, learn to handle the pressures and responsibilities of working life and develop their potential.

“I think about myself differently now. I’ve found something I’m good at and that’s a new feeling, a buzz.” Workforce member